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The Speakeasy

Featuring the Modern Charm of The Speakeasy!

Gold Coast Event Hire Speakeasy

Although today’s Speakeasy bars are now legal and no longer require a password to enter or the front entry to be disguised as a janitor’s door to hide their existence, their charm is still very much alive and a popular style choice for many bars across Brisbane and the Gold Coast as well as corporate events, birthday celebrations, even weddings!

Gold Coast Event Hire SpeakeasySo for our latest photoshoot we decided to re-create our very own Speakeasy establishment with design ‘inspo’ from wooden wine barrels, tasseled lamps, medicine bottles, books, quills and old cases. Our bar with built-in shelving added a great touch to showcase wine bottles and timeless antiques, along with our red velvet chaise longue and the most amazing neon ‘bar’ backdrop that included a floral arrangement with rich crimson, mahogany and coral tones.

Gold Coast Event Hire Speakeasy

Hanging from above were wagon wheels decorated with grapes, gold beads, rose buds, autumn leaves and an Art Deco lamp shade which all came together with exquisite back-lighting against a corrugated iron backdrop to create a dimly lit underground bar setting.

So if you are considering Speakeasy for your next event or would like some help with theming ideas feel free to contact our friendly team at: or phone: (07) 5593 8775.

Gold Coast Event Hire Speakeasy